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The database of Table Tennis blades compositions.

TT Blades Database is back! (june 2024)

The date of updates is printed in the bottom of the menu.

Work in progress: updates to the numerous proposals for blades additions (more than 100 remain to be processed).

I have received many emails, I will try to answer as many as I can, but I apologize if you do not receive a response to yours.

Thank you for all your messages of congratulations and encouragement!
The admin, Yann.

New features!

Advanced search

You need to understand "identical search (=)" and "equivalent search ()".
Identical search is simple, you search for exactly same blade composition.
Equivalent search means that some materials are similars. For example balsa is like kiri. I thus established several equivalences: carbon is equivalent to Tamca®5000 and carbon-like materials. Hinoki is equivalent to cypress, aramid to arylate and zylon...

If you click on "" button in "Search by composition" on a blade which have, for example, balsa and carbone you will see identical compositions plus equivalent compositions with kiri and eventually other carbon fibers.

You can search equivalent materials by choose an option in lists with "" sign on the line.
- you want to see the blades with carbon's likes material in intermediates plies, then select "≡ carbon" in intermediates plies list.
- you want to see the blades with hinoki or cypress on any ply, then select "≡ hinoki" in wood list.

Search from a partial composition

On the advanced search page, you can make a search from a complete or a partial composition.
- you want to see 5 plies blades with a balsa core and external plies in hinoki, select plies 1 and 5 for hinoki, and ply 3 for balsa.
- you want to see 7 plies blades with ayous core and inner ALC plies, then select ALC on plies 3 and 5 and select ayous for ply 4.


I strive to keep the information displayed on this website accurate. However as some manufacturers do not communicate the compositions of their blades this database may contain errors.